Concrete Contractors Develop Apps

We had an interesting app idea that came in via a concrete contractor located out of Austin.  They needed a web based app that would help them with keeping their quotes consistent and would help them develop a nice doc to send over the the emails of their potential clients.  That was actually a pretty good idea and also a super and easy app to build.  This is an enterprise all so it won’t be going on the market but the company wanted to use the app exclusively for their benefits.

The interesting nature of the concrete business is that the quotes will need to change with the direct cost of the concrete.  Concrete tends to go up and down in price with slight fluctuations but that is exactly what makes the quoting process a little more cumbersome and harder for the contractors to keep up.  It isn’t every day that we get app ideas directly from businesses but in my opinion this is exactly what a business should be putting some of their budgets into.

The app is simple yet it is helping the contractor quote faster and has streamlined the entire process.  In turn this allows those guys to actually bring in new clients faster and that improves their bottom link.  That means they make more money each year because they were able to make their system easier and faster.

If you have any questions about concrete you can ask our new friends:  They know more about concrete than I ever will.  They are a pretty cool company that has been slinging concrete for over ten years.  They offer anything from concrete sidewalk repair to concrete driveway repair and or concrete patio installation.

Reach out to Stable Foundations, Inc if you are around the Austin area and are in need of some concrete.  You will also see they are able to use our app and extend a great price for concrete to you.



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