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Many times local businesses run out and buy a website with out really thinking about it. They think about the website color and over look and feel and they pay for the best graphics.  The issue is no one in the business ever thinks about how clients or customers will be able to find their website.  It is the year 2017 and long gone are the days of building a website and expecting they will come.  In fact if you only build a website and do nothing more than that no one will find your website.

As much research and buying that is online every local business should have not only a great website but SEO Services to go with that website.  Austin SEO services is what makes sure your website will be found by clients.  Imagine if all of the people that need your service are able to do a quick search for your services or even your brand name if they know it and find YOU.  In SEO Services we call that qualified traffic.  Qualified traffic is when the people find your website that are looking to purchase your services.  They find your website due to search engine optimization services.  There is no other way around it and it is about time we stop wasting our money on websites no one will ever find.

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So, if you know you need SEO Services what is the next step?  So, you know you have to have search engine optimization but how do you pick the perfect SEO Services Company? It is a question because not all SEO Companies are the same.  In fact before we found an SEO Company we hired and fired three….. So we know it isn’t easy to just find the perfect SEO Company expert and ride happily into the sunset with your services.  We had to do some fact checking and some research before we found the Top Austin SEO Expert that offers SEO Services to Austin businesses and surrounding cities like Dallas and San Antonio.

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Before hiring an SEO Expert for SEO Services be sure to do your homework.  Ask the hard questions and make sure they hold themselves accountable with monthly reports.  An SEO Services Company can’t offer their services and then not show some kind of proof.  The majority show or track keywords.  By tracking Keywords you can see how your website moves up in the rankings and with that at some point you should begin to get more phone calls from customers finding your website.  Now, that happens if your SEO Consultant found the keywords that work for your business.  The bet idea is to find a company that offers exclusive and fluid SEO Services.  What does that mean? It means they won’t hire your competitors (common practice in the SEO Company world as shocking as this sounds) so as you interview companies ask them if they offer exclusive SEO Services and wait for the silence at the other end… or the added price tag.

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