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Idea Apps, Inc. is a Web-App Consulting Firm that CREATES Intelligent Mobile Marketing Strategies and ENGINEERS Web-Apps & Hardware for All Business Types.

Creative App Development
First, we listen to your needs.

Then our dedicated APP STRATEGISTS work with you to CREATE a plan of action to grow your business using the latest mobile marketing technologies such as WEB-APPS & Wireless Hardware.

Brilliant Web Design
Idea Apps offers your business unique and customized WEB DESIGN services in San Antonio.

Our designers will provide WEB DESIGN prototypes for your approval. Then it is time for the ENGINEERS to go to work programming the WEB SITES, and if part of the plan MOBILE APPS DEVELOPMENT & HARDWARE.

Search Engine Optimization
Great! Now you have an App or a brilliantly designed website. Now you are going to need an SEO plan to get into the action.

We shall effectively market your WEB-APP using tools such as SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Social Media & Intelligent PROXIMITY.

Have a GREAT App Start-Up Idea?  Lets get entrepreneurial!

Together, you and Idea Apps can create an exciting plan of action. We offer FREE consultations and innovative insights to help develop your Web-App idea. Also, don’t worry if you don’t have the funds to get started on a Web-App project, we can help you find investors to make YOUR Web-App idea become a reality!

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