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Our Intelligent Wi-Fi iBeacon System brings businesses new customers

The inWiFi iBeacon system is a simple to use web-app product that can be integrated seamlessly into your business’ marketing strategy.

As you know, there are millions of smartphone users around the world. Each and everyone one of them carries their device everywhere they go, using it for keeping in touch with people they know and gathering data on products and services they see when they are shopping. You can reach them easily with your own mobile application and give them useful information or specials as they near or enter your location.

The inWiFI iBeacon system reaches out to customers with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signal that interacts with potential customers. Shoppers in turn interact with your mobile application to receive useful info and/or discounts. Your business gets a new customer and useful analytics for effective future marketing campaigns.


What are the Benefits of inWiFi iBeacon?

  Dramatically Increase Sales

  Substantially Reduce Your Advertising Expense

  Double Customer Return Visits

  Intelligently Identify Your Customers

  Leverage Your Neighbors’ Advertising

  Improve Your Bottom Line


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