New Online Marketing Plans for 2018

We have started to discuss new online marketing plans for our new direction in 2018 with Ysais SEO, Austin SEO Company. As you know technology moves really fast and we are always looking for the edge above our competition. It has been a long time before revamping not only our online strategies but also our internal strategies as a whole. We can’t five away exact details but we have picked a new plan moving forward and a path we are sure is the right fit for our team.

We have worked with Ysais SEO, Austin SEO for a long time and they have been our main reason for past success. If we can’t be found online then we wouldn’t have stood a chance against the other companies. The app industry is a bit crowded and in time our competitors really adapted their techniques to use our exact techniques. It wasn’t long before everyone was using our strategies and our team realized we like to stand out from the rest so we began to brainstorm. Ysais SEO has been searching long and hard for a way to put a spin on what we do and of course to make us stand out from the rest. The team is able to then move full steam ahead in the new direction and I will have to update this post later this year to let you know if we crush the competition. I am sure we will but only time will tell as we deploy the new strategies.

If you need help with your online marketing you can reach out to Ysais-SEO.Com and let them know we sent you over. If you have a local business that needs to be visible online then they would be a great fit for your team.  You can also just stop by their website and take a look at some of their blogs.  They are pretty informative and have written some good pieces regarding their favorite topic, Search Engine Optimization, SEO.  What we like about this team is they partner with local businesses and they really become one of the team.

When we first launched our online strategy years ago with the team we had a lot of success for many years.  But recently we realized our marketing pitch was becoming a bit dated and with that comes the competition.  When you are on top of the world others tend to copy your style and systems and this can lead to issues later down the road.  There isn’t really anything to complain about but the best path is to just pick a new path that is a little less traveled.  At least that is how we roll but not sure what everyone else is trying to do.  So the new strategy that won’t be unveiled yet is something that with time we will have to change again and again.  Because technology moves so quickly and so does online visibility.  It is always best to keep moving and finding  new paths and making what you currently have even better.  The one miss conception about marketing is that you can pick one path and just stay on that path without changing anything.  Markets changes, technology changes and so does search engines.  Keep your marketing plans moving and you will see much better results.

You can also check out their latest post that we found informative here:  If you don’t understand vertical search this would be a good place to start.

Wish us luck as we start out on our new marketing path and of course we will keep all of our readers updated.  Happy New Year and good luck to all of the local businesses out there!

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