Introduction to Secret Cupid
Think back to your worst blind date. Now, who set you up on that date? Did you use a dating site that asks you a few general likes and dislikes questions? A coworker who has “the PERFECT match for you”? With the SecretCupid app friends set their friends up on blind dates, anonymously, using their personal contact list. Gone are the days where two people with nothing in common are sent on a date only to find they couldn’t be more wrong for each other.

How Does It Work?
The “Cupid” will find two friends in their contact list who they would like to set up. Then, the other two parties are sent anonymous text messages informing them of the date. Cupid will set up the time and place for their friends to meet. If the date is a success Cupid can reveal their identity, if it was a failure Cupid can remain anonymous.

How is SecretCupid Different?
Unlike other dating apps and websites, SecretCupid allows you to be sent on blind dates by the people who know you best, the people who know what and who you are looking for in a partner.

This app has high marks and is a billion dollar industry.