Intelligent Proximity Marketing

What is Intelligent Proximity Marketing?

Idea Apps is a technology company in the business of creating the newest form of intelligent marketing.

From Software development, Websites, Mobile Phone Applications, Search Engine Optimization and now Intelligent Proximity Marketing (IPM). Idea Apps can help merchants reach out to their consumers with a more intuitive and intelligent approach. Reward your core and increase your base with Intelligent Proximity Marketing (IPM).

Intelligent Proximity Marketing (IPM) when used as directed will:

Increase sales dramatically, with little cost
Double return visits from customers, automatically
Improve your advertising message for better results, intelligently
Decrease your advertising budget, substantially
Identify your customers, more wisely
Improve your bottom line, overall
IPM cost less than any other form of advertising


If you’re using Intelligent Proximity Marketing (IPM) by Idea Apps you’re closing more customers!


What does IPM Cost?

As little as $29.75 per month!

What does Intelligent Proximity Marketing Offer?

  •  Increase your walk-in traffic by 35%, and reduce your advertising budget by 20% or more 
  •  FREE WIFI for your customers and you
  •  Multimedia marketing 

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How IPM Works

IPM by Idea Apps is a custom built hardware and software device that notes when smart phones are within a 300 foot range (Note; the range can be adjusted lower). The IPM device pings the smart phone in its range and asks permission to send them a special coupon. The smart phone customer accepts the offer and his/her phone opens to a special first time coupon in your store.

First Result: One new and unexpected customer

Intelligent Proximity Marketing reaches out to people that are in the immediate area of your store

Second Result: Ongoing Returning Customer

In the right store, with our proven Intelligent Proximity Marketing (IPM), Idea Apps can increase customer walk-ins from zero to thirteen thousand for less time and as much as 75% less than another advertising media.

Why should you use IPM?

You got to advertise right? Why not pay for the live customers not the maybe ones from the TV, radio and or paper.

An Intelligent Proximity Marketing (IPM) package starts for as little as $29.75 per month.

With this amazing package the merchant can, without an Internet connection requirement:

Design and change their ad 24/7
Send advertisements simultaneously
Reach customers walking by your store up to 300 feet away
Create multiple advertising campaigns
Reward returning customers
Send still or animated images, Video clips, text coupons, Business cards and much more with no additional cost
Get monthly customer analytical reports
100% online company support
Custom log-in advertisement space