Strategic Planning

What is Strategic Planning?

Simple answer, we sit down with some coffee and donuts and talk about your project. Then we make decisions about how to achieve goals. During the strategy session we will discuss the idea, how your Web-App will work, how your idea is different and better and what it will take to make your idea happen.

Of course the coffee and donuts are optional and may be substituted for other refreshments, but the conversation and decision making is absolutely necessary.


First, let’s understand the Vision & Mission

Your idea should have a reason to exist. In giving it purpose, we can build a company that will be successful.


Draw – See – Think – Plan

Seem like simple words, but each is a great description of the strategy process.


The fun part! We will jump on the whiteboard and draw out the process and mechanics of your idea.


We will see how your idea is better and/or different and how your idea impacts the current and future marketplace.


Let’s put our heads together and think about the necessary steps that have to be done to get the idea off the ground.


We will define what roles everyone has and the stages of the project development.