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Idea Submission Agreement

By submitting your App idea to Idea Apps, Inc., (the Company) you and the Company agree to the following:

Non-Disclosure – The Company shall keep your idea private and undisclosed to any third parties for a period of six (6) months;
You agree to give the Company first right to accept or decline the opportunity build the App idea for a period of 30 days; and
In the event that you have not developed the App idea within six months of presenting your App idea to the Company; the Company may at its discretion develop the App without paying you any remuneration.

Privacy Policy

For the record. On submitting your App idea it will be assigned a date, time, and project number for you protection you may request a copy up to 6 months of submission.

Note: Please complete the form below with complete and accurate information – Idea Apps will not respond to incomplete submissions

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Upon review of your submission, the Company will call or email you our proposal, you will receive 1.) Complete development cost 2.) Estimated time to completion, 3.) Design work, 4.) Programming requirement, 5.) Number and type of platforms, 6.) Database functionality, 7.) All marketing cost and 8.) Idea Apps’ professional opinion.

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