Web-App Marketing

Web-App Marketing IS NOT Rocket Science.

There are now over 1 Million mobile Apps in the marketplace. It can be difficult for the public to find your App.

Web-App marketing will give your website and mobile App the edge it needs to help ensure exposure. There are literally over one million approved Apps listed in the iTunes store alone. If you create an App, list it with iTunes, and do nothing more, then you are just one of those stars in that big beautiful sky that cannot be found.

You need to know where, when, and how many times your App needs to be placed. That is where we come into play. Our Web-App marketing strategy drives quality traffic to your App and increases the opportunity for sales.

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What sets Idea Apps apart?

Free consultations for individual, business and non-profit Apps
Real quotes with the estimated total price of development up front
Fully functional and customized apps for a fraction of the cost of our competitors
Secure account system designed to protect your ideas and ensure your rights to the App idea
Devoted bank accounts deliver your royalties right to you
Monthly accounting statements track sales, downloads, and fees
Established timelines for the development of your App
In-depth and focused marketing techniques ensure your App gets the exposure it deserves


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