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Step 1.

The Strategy Session

Meet Our Team of Specialists.

Our Team shall Research, and Determine the Feasibility and Marketability of your App idea. Our review gives you (and us) the Asset/Cost to Profitability and Risk Factors. Remember with any investment there are risk. With the business apps you either make it BIG or you don’t.

With a proposal from Idea Apps, you will receive 1.) Complete development cost 2.) Estimated time to completion, 3.) Design work, 4.) Programming requirement, 5.) Number and type of platforms, 6.) Database functionality, and 7.) All marketing cost.

Our advisors will answer your questions on whether the cost is worth the risk of the investment (not just for you), but for Idea Apps and other possible investors. You can limit your RISK by taking on partners and we are always interested.

Why do we do all of this? We want you to succeed in your venture and we want to be a part of it from developer and if you like, partner.

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Step 2.

Bring on the Engineers!

Meet Edgar the Engineer.

Edgar is one smart cookie. He will begin designing the web-app architecture based on your overall strategy. You will get to help design and approve the website and mobile application.

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Step 3.

Unleash the Nerds…

Don’t worry, they are harmless.

After approval of the web-app designs, our crack team of nerds & geeks start typing and clicking your idea into reality. Soon, all the code comes together and you get to try it out for yourself.

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Step 4.

Web-App Testing Phase

Let the sparks fly!

This is your opportunity to get hands-on with your web-app project. We want to make sure it works exactly as planned, so we will work with you to do a complete test and fix any bugs.

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Step 5.

Web-App Deployment

Look out world!

Your web-app is ready to go and it is time to launch your idea and show it off. Our development team will post your marketing website online and submit your mobile applications to the respective App Stores.

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Step 6.

Web-App Marketing

Meet Mike the Marketer.

Mike didn’t like the wait, but now he is uber-excited to tell everyone about your idea. He has a lot of tools to get your business in front of your potential customers.

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