Voice Box Helper

About the Application.

The purpose of this MPA is to assist patients and those with medical disabilities, such as stroke or hearing deficit impairment, with short or long term communication help. The tentative title for this application is “Voice Box”.

This extraordinarily helpful “MPA” provides a means of communication for patients suffering from dysphasia, aphasia, and deaf conditions creating short and/or longtime communication impairment. The MPA provides the patient with a simple to use picture database. Once a picture is selected by the impaired person, the MPA will give an auditory representation of that picture. This allows the person to communicate their responses and requests without the additional frustrations associated from the present impairment.

Example; a person may be asked, is there anything more I can get you? The person would be able to quickly search through the database of a predetermined image such as; going to sleep, TV, restroom, in pain, adjust bed, head pain and so on. The response could either be an image or auditory response from the MPA.

Additionally, the MPA is capable of translating into text or predetermined images messages the MPA picks up. Example; a person states “medication time” and an image of a drug bottle is shown with the word “medicine”. The database will have the ability to add additional images and text. Once the Voice Box database is installed on the end users Mobile Phone, one of the two parts is activated by the End User; 1. Hear or 2. Speak.



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