Ysais Austin SEO Company

I was online searching for an SEO Company and I was looking in Austin since we all know Austin is technology based and the SEO coming out of that city is in a league of their own.  Anyway, I was looking around and making a few phone calls to ask for quotes and all of the typical things you do while shopping for a marketing company.

Of course you have to let them know what type of website you have and in what location so they can figure out your competition levels and carve out the best path for your company.  Rates and work will change depending on your location and the type of services your company offers.

When you call the SEO Company will ask you about your back links, content marketing or content creation and a few other things like email marketing or Search Engine Optimization.  I was a little confused or I didn’t have all of the answers so they were able to check into my website and get the answers they needed.  What I really want is a company that can handle all of my optimization and just do a good job with out me having to learn all of it or pay attention to over complicated reports.

While I was looking around online I came across a video that caught my attention. You can view the video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_CGM2_n1q8 and let me know what you think.  It was a very well made video and it was from one of the top SEO Companies in Austin.  After watching the video I had to give them a call and I was first pleased to get a super fast response and then a really fast quote.  The other companies took more than a week to get me their quotes and most took over two weeks.

Ysais SEO Company was friendly and they answered all of my questions.  I enjoyed the process and since the process was so fast I was able to make a pretty fast decision. I will have to report back as we get going on my campaign and see how everything is going.  I really only anticipate good things with this company and I am super excited that we got started with the process.

Not every SEO company is the same but typically you can find Back linking, Indexing, content marketing, email marketing, Social Media Marketing and many more services.  Of course each of the services depend on what you hire the company to do.  You can decide on what platforms you want to optimize for and so on.  Overall this was a great experience and they are knoledgable and can answer any of your SEO questions.  If you are looking for a great Austin SEO company then give these guys a call and be sure to let them know I sent you over.


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