Ysais SEO Mobile Predictions for 2018

Ysais SEO is a marketing and SEO company in Austin. They have a great blog with a ton of useful information if you want to learn more about search engine optimization. But what caught our eye was their predictions for Mobile in 2018. Predictions are just that and so you have to wonder with all of the predictions what will and what won’t come true. We predicted phone’s would be on our wrist ten years ago and it took that long to get the technology right!

The team followed up with a ton of experts and if you don’t want to read the whole thing we can break it down. Mobile apps are once again changing in the way they are being developed. We now have a few more options we didn’t have before that will change the industry, the price points and the ability to make apps faster. What that means to regular people is we will be able to make more apps than ever before and be able to hit a segment of the population that could not make apps prior due to price points, technology and time.

Mobile is on the rise and more and more people are on the internet to find all things. If you want to find the phone number to your local barber, bar, movies, real estate agent, plumber and everything else everyone is looking it up online. Shocking, I know. If you are not online in a mobile way then you are in more trouble than you think. Mobile searches are now even to desktop searches and this could be the year mobile out weighs desktop searches. If you do not have mobile optimization then you are probably located some where on page 6 online and you know what they say……. If you aren’t on page one no one and I mean NO ONE can find you.

Ysais SEO changes all of that with their mobile optimization techniques. You can learn more by reading their article here: https://ysais-seo.com/mobile-predictions-for-2018/

The team over in Austin began using optimization over ten years ago and actually helped us land our first online clients.  The team is dedicated to partnering with small businesses to help them grow.  They form more of a partnership with the businesses and are more dedicated than a traditional SEO Company.

Check out their article and if they ask be sure to tell them we sent you over!


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